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School Management System

School Management System

- Brand: Shasunder
- Product Code: Digital Download
- Availability: In Stock
₹25,000.00 ₹14,999.00


SchoolMate is designed and developed by an organization which has decades of experience in developing software
It is very user friendly and any user can be trained to operate in a few hours .

SchoolMate Salient Features:

  1. Complete Online – All transactions made are immediately updated. All reports from collections, balances can be immediately obtained without running any process
  2. Security – Module level access restriction providing multi-level security options
  3. Billing – Fees are grouped under various groups and it is possible to know the collections under various heads and sub heads
  4. Accounts Payables and Receivables – Preparation of payment due lists for students and their related transactions can be easily tracked with the system
  5. Audit Trial – Details of the actions performed by any user on any module can be viewed and tracked thus ensuring easy supervision and higher security
  6. Collection Reports – Reports based on the collections can be viewed and generated. Payments made by a student can also be kept track of
  7. Reporting Style – Three types of Reports are available. Reports viewed through Report Designer, Tree View and in Excel/Word View
  8. Quick Printing – Since The software directly sends the contents of the bill to printer bill collection is faster
  9. Windows enhanced Printing - Since Reports Printing are available in windows, Genuine format of Reports can be obtained
  10. Backup feature – Regular Backups of Data can be taken or automatically scheduled to tackle any corruption of the existing database
  11. Auto save Feature in Data Entry – While entering more amount of data the user can enter it directly which will be automatically updated
  12. Attendance – Entering attendance of students and teachers is very easy
  13. Automatic Letter Drafting - The computer can automatically draft letters by using the given message. For Example : If there is a school function and if it should be informed to all the students through letter, the computer will do this within minutes.
  14. Auto Mailing - The computer can automatically generate Mails based on certain criteria. (For Example : To intimate to absentee of their ward to their parents)
  15. Auto SMS - First time in School Management Software in India we launch automatic Short Message Service to Mobiles. For Example if today is the last day to pay the fees the computer will automatically send SMS to the parents mobile informing the message
  16. Calendar – Using the school calendar we can easily trace out the school working days, Holidays, Examination days and Sundays
  17. Graph Reports – Classwise, Daywise Fees Collection Report can be obtained Graphically enabling the user to know When and Which class paid the more amount of fees for the given date.
  18. Timetable – Three types of Timetable can be generated using this software.
    • Generating Regular School Timetable for the entire school
    • Generating Teachers timetable
    • Generating Examination Timetable can be done within 15 minutes with ease. Substitute timetable for the absent teachers can also be obtained

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